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March On, Forge Ahead.

16 Jun

Look at me.  I’m a girl who wears a t-shirt that screams “fuckin TWO THOUSAND AND LATE”

well.. actually, it says “I went to pestablogger08. blogging for society.”

and well.. I didn’t really go to that event. I just stole the tee from my brother’s closet. [which is just a cupboard, really]

and.. FYI, it’s a blogspot event so I wasn’t going to betray wordpress, was I ;p

Anyways what do you think that means? That means I need to frigging forge ahead!

And that is why I’m restarting this blog! I’m not sure if I had any readers to welcome me back, and even if I did, they’ve probably hopped off to other blogs that are actually being updated, or better yet, decided to stop giving a damn about people’s daily whining and move on with their lives.

Well, either way.. All you could find in this blog was only a junkyard of teen bullshit, anyways.

It’s when I looked back and skimmed through the things I posted, I thought..

“These were the things I published?? I let people read these crap??” lol.

Yeah.. I was much worse of a writer than I am now, people.

WHICH IS WHY I removed all of my previous posts and untouched drafts to the trash AND emptied the trash.

After spending one compelling year on twitter [twitter.com/adelinechaang] ;p where a lot of people I follow play some significant role in my growth, I changed, my writing changed. And that is the main reason why I gotta have my fresh start.

So. Here we are.

One cliffhanger gone, many.. many chapters to go.